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The Bone House | Photographs by Joel-Peter Witkin

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The Bone House
Photographs by Joel-Peter Witkin. Text by Eugenia Parry.
Twin Palms Publishers, Santa Fe, 1998. 196 pp., 92 four-color illustrations, 10x10".
Signed by the artist.

Joel-Peter Witkin was the 2016 Filter Photo Festival keynote speaker - and he was mesmerizing. We’ve got only 2 copies left of this signed edition and honestly, there are not many left in print. This is an important historical edition to your book collection and we’d be happy to ship one out to you today.

Twin Palms was the first to publish Joel-Peter Witkin, and have always produced his most exquisite monographs. This slipcased retrospective is true to the quality of their collaboration. The contents were selected by Witkin himself, and reflect his own highly personal tastes. 

"The image exudes torture and pain, but this is not the extent of the photographer's ambition for it. He envisions a huge scale; the print will be the largest he can make because he has mapped a grand conception, and, after more than forty years as a photographer, arrived at a place of understanding more lucid than he has ever before achieved. With his vanitas he establishes an erotic territory of majestic sacrifice and sacrament, the meaning of which, for him, lies somewhere between the unspeakable suffering of the crucified Christ and that of the Jews under Hitler."
-Eugenia Parry from her Essay

This is a retrospective look at the work of one of the late twentieth century's most profound and disturbing artists. For this collection Joel-Peter Witkin has personally selected from his own archives his finest images, ranging from his early Coney Island "freak show"studies to his most recent work. Witkin's portraits of subjects both living and dead have disturbed countless viewers for their unwavering viewpoint and magically grotesque compositions. The artist's sojourn captured here, with each photograph a station along his path, veers between oblivion and salvation. This book depicts Witkin's journey until now. Texts by the artist and Eugenia Parry.