We Shall | Photographs by Paul D'Amato
DePaul Art Museum

We Shall | Photographs by Paul D'Amato

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We Shall
Photographs by Paul D'Amato. 
DePaul Art Museum, 2013. 102 pp., illustrated throughout, 10x8". 
Signed by the artist.

Chicago artist Paul D’Amato produced this work for a solo exhibition at the DePaul Art Museum. He completed an artist residency with our friends at Latitude Chicago to produce the gorgeous prints for the exhibition. This signed copy is a must for any collector of Chicago photography.

Through emotionally charged portraits and richly layered interior views, Paul D'Amato's photographs made on Chicago's West Side provide a nuanced perspective on life in some of the most challenging and troubled neighborhoods in the U.S. Equally committed to his craft and to immersing himself in the community, D'Amato's collaborative approach to portraiture aspires to narrow the divide between his and his sitters' subjective experiences in order to create photographs that are at once genuine and aesthetically engaging. We Shall: Photographs by Paul D'Amato brings together ten years of work and offers insight into the making of the photographs. By pairing variants of a portrait from a single sitting, D'Amato seeks to complicate the images' meaning by defying the authority of a single photograph as a comprehensive statement. Neither feel-good narratives nor stories of despair, D'Amato's photographs convey the complexities of representation and the ambiguities of life in a socially and economically marginalized community.

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