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Every Breath We Drew | Photographs by Jess T. Dugan

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Every Breath We Drew
Photographs by Jess T. Dugan. Text by Amy Galpin. Interview by Dawoud Bey. 
Daylight Books, 2015. In English. 128 pp., 62 color illustrations.
Signed by the artist

Jess Dugan gave an impressive artist talk during the 2015 Filter Photo Festival. We are thrilled to have signed copies of this beautiful book. Don’t miss the opportunity to add this to your collection. 

Over the past decade, Jess T. Dugan has created intimate portraits that engage with issues of identity, sexuality, gender and community. Her first book, Every Breath We Drew, compiles color portraits of the artist and others. Working within the framework of queer experience and actively constructed masculinity, these portraits examine the intersection between private, individual identity and the search for intimate connection with others. The photographs are made in private spaces, often the subject's home or bedroom, using medium- and large-format cameras to create a sustained engagement that results in an intimate portrait.

With text by curator Amy Galpin and an interview by acclaimed photographer Dawoud Bey, this hardcover is an important addition to the canon of queer photography.